Play NetEnt Jack or Better Double Up Poker

Jacks or Better is a coveted video poker from the NetEnt game developer. Read below to learn more.

If you love single-player video poker with classic casino game characters, such as high payout and fast gameplay, look no further. Jack or Better Double Up is right here for you. As argued on , this video poker has the feel and looks of a computer game.


A Look Into The Video Poker Manual

Prior to playing a game round on NetEnt's Jacks or Better video poker, it's needful that you adjust the game's settings. This involves deciding on the number of hands you'll be playing at once in a gaming round. With proper settings, you'll enjoy the game even at southchinaseaairbase .

Other things you'll need to look into is the configuration of the coin value and setting of the bet level. To adjust these settings, you need to click the arrows on either side of the COIN VALUE, LEVEL, and HANDS displays. When you click the MIDDLE ROUND BUTTON:

  • A game round is launched
  • You get five cards dealt

Possible Settings in Jacks or Better Video Poker

In Jacks or Better, there are several settings that you can easily adjust to your liking. You can find the settings under the three little buttons usually located at the screen's bottom-left section. You'll also find the game rules under the button with a question mark icon.

You can easily adjust the volume of sounds using the button with the speaker icon. Lastly, you can adjust the following additional settings using the button with the wrench icon: game history, Never play "Double Up", Always play "Double Up", Fast play, and Sound effect.

Jacks or Better's Win Play/Pay Table

Each of Jacks or Better video poker's hand has its own payout value. these values can be found in the multiple hands versions, in the one-hand version usually displayed at the center of the screen, and in the pay table of the game.

The paytable indicates what a given poker hand will pay out on the bet levels one to five. In Jacks or Better video poker, the lowest valued poker hand, when played on the lowest bet level, will pay out the chosen coins value of x1.

  • The Royal Straight Flush is the highest-value poker hand
  • When playing on the highest bet level, the Royal Straight Flush pays out the wagered coin value of x4000

Bet Limits in Jacks or Better Video Poker

As most players may be knowing already, both the coin value to play with and the bet level in Jacks or Better can be adjusted. You can make your choice from coin values of 10, 20, and 50 cents as well as a bet level of 1-5.

The bet level, in this instance, represents the number of coins wagered on each hand. The maximum and minimum possible bet per game is dependant on the amount of hands plaid. The maximum and the minimum bet of the one-hand version of this game is calculated as follows:

  • Maximum bet: bet level 5 X the coin value of 10 Euros = 10 Euros
  • Minimum bet: bet level 1 X coin value oof 10 cents + 0.10 Euro

Game Tutorial of NetEnt's Jacks or Better

You can play this single-player poker with 1, 5, 10, or 25 hands using various coin values and on up to five bet levels. Its special features are the Double Up gamble feature and the extra Jacks or Better poker hand with which you can double your game.

Jacks or Better Double Up, just like other video pokers, has its base in the traditional card game. In games of its variation, you need to form certain poker hands out of the dealt cards. Each extra poker hand represents a given value.

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