Ways NetEnt Preventing Rigging of Its Slots

Do you have doubts about the slot machine? Read more how playing at NetEnt prevents such situations.

NetEnt is one of the most trusted software developers involved in production of authentic and fair casino games available at 1netentcasino . The software developer has a series of ways of ensuring that the slot machines are fair and honest. Below are some of the ways which NetEnt casinos prevent cases of rigged slots.

Return to Player Rates on Slot Machines

Most players doubt the slot machines especially when it comes to dishing out wins such as at ecole-abalan . This begs the question, how do you know the amount you can withdraw from the slot machine? If you are playing at a NetEnt online casino, you are better off. This is because the software developer uses a RTP rates.

  • RTP are automatic
  • RTP installed by NetEnt

The return to player rates refers the percentage of payment payable to a player by the online casino. The RTP is calculated in form of mathematical formulas. Most casinos offer a high RTP rate to lure players to the slot machines. A higher RTP rate means you get to keep most of the winnings.

Use of Variance

Another close concept that goes hand in hand with the RTP rates is variance. Variance in other instances refers to the volatility of slots. With a higher RTP rate, the less the chance of losing out on a substantial amount over a period you expect. This can be calculated using the variance of a slot machine.

Variance measures the risk level that comes with the various casino games. The higher the risk level the higher the rewards for a player. A slot machine with high variance has less frequent payouts compared to a low variance slot machine. However, the low variance slot cannot compare to the pay out at the casino.


Use of a Random Number Generator

Do you worry over the system in which dishes out the wins for the slot machine? Most people are convinced that the house is in charge of dishing wins at the slot machines. However, at NetEnt casinos, the power of issuing wins goes beyond the house and software provider. This is thanks to the use of the RNG.

What does the RNG do? The RNG is part of a written code engraved in the architecture of the slot machine. The RNG generates random number fed to the system. The system responds by generating random outcomes with each spin. Therefore, when a pattern across the screen appears, it is a win.

  • RNG cannot be altered
  • RNG has no memory of wins

Proper Licensing and Regulation

Most cases of people being ripped of by online casinos comes from use of unlicensed online casinos. Do you check whether your online casino is licensed before depositing your money? If you don't, you run the risk of wagering with a fraudulent casino that will rip you off your wins without your knowledge.

NetEnt takes a step in ensurign that their games are fair and licensed. NetEnt is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. The software provider is further monitored by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. These regulatory bodies ensure there is fairness with all the slot machines.

  • Holds operating license in regulated markets
  • Has restrictions in various countries

Tips to Win at NetEnt Casino

With the worries of rigged slots out of the way with NetEnt casinos, you need to develop a strategy at the casino. The best part about slots is that it all depends on your luck and not on any experience. In case you are feeling luck on the reels, do not feel shy to increasing your wagers.

However, luck runs out sometimes. In case it does do not be the guy that hangs around waiting for another run of luck. Limit your bet limits to avoid going broke with the slot machines. Take some time off the screen and do other things. Remember the aim of gambling is having fun.

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